1. Featured Artist Series 2014

  2. Danaïdes
    The Alcohotlicks

  3. Sideshow Pony
    Leonie Cohen Trio

  4. Steve Barry
    Steve Barry Trio

  5. Jazzgroove Compilation III
    Various Artist

  6. This Is Dripping
    The Drip Hards

  7. Big Sea

  8. Crab
    Tim Clarkson Trio

  9. Lady From Toulouse

  10. Alive and Kicking
    Kim Lawson Trio

  11. Introducing The Dilworths
    The Dilworths

  12. Generations
    The Mark Ginsburg Band

  13. Telepathy

  14. The Translators
    The Translators

  15. We Happy Few
    Tom O'Halloran Trio

  16. Music To Dance To
    The Fantastic Terrific Munkle

  17. It's neither either or. It's both and.
    Greg Coffin Trio

  18. You, You
    The Alcohotlicks

  19. Leaf Blower
    Aunty Richard

  20. Free Running
    Richard Maegraith Band

  21. Pendulum
    Gerard Masters Trio

  22. South Coasting
    The Vampires

  23. Tone Imagination
    Matt Keegan Trio

  24. Livewire
    Andy Fiddes

  25. Urban Parkland
    Informal Troupe

  26. Trio Apoplectic
    Trio Apoplectic

  27. Zoe & The Buttercups

  28. Green Hills and White Clouds
    Tom O'Halloran Trio

  29. Hip Flask

  30. The Cahoots
    The Fantastic Terrific Munkle

  31. The Mothership plays the music of Mike Nock
    The Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra

  32. Jazzgroove Volume Two
    Various Artist

  33. The Singing Fish...And other Short Stories
    Jess Green Septet

  34. In the Garden of Wild Things
    Elana Stone

  35. Mad Stream
    20th Century Dog

  36. Roadscape
    Matt Keegan Trio

  37. Entree

  38. Jerusalem
    Leonie Cohen Plus

  39. Dreams of the Middle Class

  40. Child's Play
    Gordon Brisker

  41. Clear Day
    Lily Dior

  42. It's Cold Out
    Jasper Leak Quintet

  43. No More Noise

  44. Smokin' Da Bone
    Exposed Bone

  45. Turkish IV

  46. Common Ground

  47. Island Life
    Gerard Masters Trio

  48. 8fold
    Various artists

  49. Moving Sea Between
    Matt Keegan Trio

  50. Live
    Carl Dewhurst Quartet

  51. Ends & Means
    Ends & Means

  52. Oximetric
    Spike Mason

  53. Arrival
    Nick Bowd Group

  54. fear smile
    Survival of the Fiddes

  55. Emerald City Blues
    Simon Sweeney Sextet

  56. Palindrome
    Gerard Masters Trio

  57. Willow Neilson Quartet
    Willow Neilson Quartet

  58. Rectangle
    Nicholas McBride

  59. Pierrot

  60. Long Way Home
    James Ryan Trio

  61. Jazzgroove (Compilation 1)


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Over the past decade Jazzgroove Records has released over 60 albums by some of Australia's leading jazz musicians.

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